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Love The New Backyard Vineyards Wine Label!

New Backyard Vineyards Wine LabelIt was time for a refresh... time to create a new look for our wine bottle that represented the essence of the Backyard Vineyards brand.

For us, our winery is all about lifestyle – good friends, good times and great wine. Our vision is to create a place where people can unwind with a great glass of wine, relax with friends and from time to time, meet new ones too.

With a silouhette of a wine bottle as the centre slat in the back of the porch chair, our new label design simplifies the concept of 'sipping wine on the back porch'. 

Our hope is that with our new Backyard Vineyards labels, our wine bottles visually show you exactly who we are!


Rave Reviews

  • Very nice atmosphere! We were pleasantly surprised by the dessert wine and a couple of the red wines.
    - Winery Visitor (Google Reviews)

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